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Kopaonik, Srbija

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A new chapter of the most famous hotel on Kopaonik

Grand has retained its authenticity and charm to this day even though it was built in the original “Kopaonik Architectural Style”. This implies construction techniques adapted to climatic and landscape conditions and local folklore traditions, with a humane and pleasant ambiance that cultivates the values of traditional warmth in hoteliering. In recent times, the influence of MK Resort is reflected in everything that has made the Grand and Kopaonik an even more desirable holiday destination, without competition.

Throughout its journey, Grand Hotel was always a leader and one of the main factors of development. It is, therefore, of special importance that in the year when it marks 40 years of existence, Grand Hotel Kopaonik is getting a new look and new facilities, thereby deservingly confirming its position on the most celebrated Serbian mountain.

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