Flavors of the world cuisine at the Grand Kopaonik Hotel

Kopaonik, a favorite winter as well as summer destination for mountain vacations, along with the unique greenery of preserved nature, offers visitors the opportunity to experience real luxury, thanks to the quality facilities and superior service of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, which has been keeping tourism at a high level for decades. Always offering exclusive experience, the hotel last weekend presented a fantastic collaboration with the world-renowned chef, Eyck Zimmer, holder of a Michelin star, who gladly accepted the invitation and visited the mountain. In the company of representatives from the Kopaonik National Park and his colleagues from the Grand Hotel, Eyck properly experienced indescribable beauty, picturesque slopes and forest, with all the gifts that nature offers. He enjoyed the exciting search for the black gold of Kopaonik – wild blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries and the widely known type of “edible bolete” mushroom, as well as various kitchen herbs. Fascinated by the “Big Rock” (“Velika stena”) and the unforgettable view it offers, he brought with him ideas for creating new dishes, inspired by the very nature of the mountain.
The chef was happy to get acquainted with the cuisine of a rural household in the authentic mountain village of Kriva Reka, where he was hospitably welcomed with a Serbian sweet dessert called “slatko” made from wild strawberries, with brandy (“rakija”), cheese, pie and other symbols of the Serbian cuisine. Delighted by the warmth of our culture, he also enjoyed interacting with local producers, whose products he tasted at an open market, organized on the plateau of the Grand Hotel. On the spot, he selected local wines to pair with the delicacies he was preparing. Originally from Germany, Eyck has perfected his talent all over the world through cooperation with world hotels, and he just demonstrated his culinary skills at a gala dinner held in the luxurious ambience of the Grand Kopaonik Hotel. A limited number of guests enjoyed real gastronomic magic and unusual flavors, and the unusual menu included dishes that expand the horizons, such as snail porridge, wild mushroom consommé, wood pigeon with pumpkin puree, chestnut juice and truffles. The evening was rounded off and sweetened by ideal desserts such as gianduja and peach cake. “I am happy that I had the opportunity to visit Serbia again, a country that I have come to love together with its friendly people. Experiencing the natural beauty of Kopaonik is truly inspiring, and cooperation with the Grand Kopaonik Hotel and the great team, in the luxurious conditions it provides, is a real professional pleasure. My goal was to provide something new and unusual in this fantastic atmosphere, to leave an impression on the guests but also to inspire my colleagues. The whole experience was memorable.” chef Eyck Zimmer said. Grand Kopaonik has been a leader in mountain tourism since its opening. Recently renovated, with its authentic interior and exterior, it contributes to a special vacation experience that is retold. The gastronomic offer in 5 restaurants and bars, an open and closed swimming pool, a spa center with a team of experts for the renewal of mind and body, are the main assets that the hotel is continuously improving. The cooperation with the chef Eyck Zimmer is a testimony to the hotel’s commitment to push the boundaries, providing innovation and only the best for its guests, in the center of the spectacular nature of Kopaonik.