About Kopaonik

Time off, fun and enjoyment!

Kopaonik is the largest ski center in Serbia and one of the most popular in the region. Its location, only 290 km from Belgrade, makes it easily accessible from various directions. The mountain is characterized by an incredible climatic potential of around 200 sunny days and around 160 days under a snow blanket during the year. The Kopaonik Ski Center has approximately 62 km of Alpine and Nordic ski trails and is suitable for all categories of skiers, from beginners to professionals. Thanks to the snowmaking system that covers 97% of the capacity of the ski center, the ski season lasts longer and does not depend on weather conditions. Kopaonik is also known for great apres-ski entertainment and nightlife, which is why it is a favorite among the enthusiasts of mountain hedonism and individuals with an adventurous and inquisitive spirit.


  • Highest peak – Pančićev vrh, 2017 m
  • Total length of trails for Alpine and Nordic skiing: more than 64 km, including 24 blue trails, 15 red trails, 9 black trails
  • Number of ski lifts and cable cars: 24, including baby ski lift (11 cable cars, 13 ski lifts)
  • Total cable car capacity: 35.930 skiers/hour
  • Longest trail – Bela Reka, 3.5km
  • Night trails – Malo jezero, Karaman greben, Pančićev vrh
  • Three trails according to FIS standards for: slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill
  • Artificial snow trail coverage: 97%
  • More than 100 ski days per year

Reasons not to miss out on Kopaonik

The best skiing in the region

The mountain of blue skies and sun-illuminated peaks, adorned by an infinite snow blanket during the winter months, has become a favorite destination for all those living with style and authenticity. Skiers from around the region, who once encountered the charms of winter and the flow of adrenaline in Kopaonik, enthusiastically returned season after season. The impeccably maintained terrains of the Kopaonik ski center, with 62 km of Alpine and Nordic ski trails, provide a superb experience for all categories of skiers. The ski resort has a trail of 450 m in total length, and night skiing enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite winter activity on illuminated trails.

Full-time fun, on and off the trails

Quality entertainment on every step, as well as a rich nightlife scene, are one of the important reasons why Kopaonik is a favorite winter destination for all those who look on life from the perspective of beauty and hedonism. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to feel the spell of winter nights and the warmth of the mountain atmosphere. Step into the magic of the night in numerous bars, clubs and cafes of Kopaonik. Make the album of your life more complete with new pages of unforgettable moments.


The Ski Opening that comprises an ideal combination of adrenaline skiing and unforgettable nightlife, sounds like an event that will make your stay authentic right from the start. Marking the beginning of every ski season, the first Ski Opening in Kopaonik took place in 2010. Organized by MK Mountain Resort and Ski Resorts of Serbia, it has not stopped attracting true skiing and good time enthusiasts. A large number of adventurers with a hedonistic spirit choose to enjoy this event, which makes it all the more popular. The event organizers created, under the night sky of Kopaonik, the MUSIC Week Kopaonik festival – the largest music event co-hosted by MK Mountain Resort and Sky Music, known for bringing the most celebrated names in music from the region. Accomplished with superior production quality, this festival is the perfect treat after the famous March skiing, when the days curiously send gentle touches to snowy slopes, while the sunrays are caress our faces with ease.

Gastronomic Recommendation: Full Circle of Satisfaction with Top Culinary Specialties

The culinary specialties of the Kopaonik region are an indispensable part of enjoyment with style. The Kopaonik region cuisine is full of gems that need to find their place on your menu – don’t miss out on enjoying traditional dishes such as the trout that is abundant in the area, as well as irresistible dishes prepared in earthenware pots, the famous blueberry pie and much more. You will satisfy your luxury and hedonistic needs in the Garden restaurant of the Grand Hotel, where you will take each bite with pleasure, not resisting the diversity and wealth of taste that your palate will remember for a long time. In the warm and intimate atmosphere of the a la carte Bacco restaurant, selected international classics, preparation of “a la minute” food, butterfly service and a company that unmistakably recognizes quality await.