Vacation with children

Indulge in our colourfully designed activities that are waiting to turn your vacation into memories full of new adventures. Our concierge will be at your service, ready to provide unique experiences tailored to your taste and style.

Grand game room

Be absolutely sure that your little ones will have quality animation and entertainment that they will remember. The teddy bear Grandolina spreads her soft paws in a hug and welcomes all the sweet little people in our Klubić Grandić, where the following awaits them: GAME ROOM, ANIMATION IN THE SNOW, ACTIVITIES IN NATURE, WINTER CINEMA, EVENING ANIMATION, DISCO FOR CHILDREN, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS, GAMES WITHOUT BOUNDARIES AND SPORTS GAMES, BABY SITTING.

Children, follow Grandolina’s big footprints and be active in nature, because she, like you, likes to breathe deep the fresh and crisp mountain air (it helps her not fall into hibernation). Watch as Grandolina’s big paws change color and her face turns green with agony as she tries to make you a muffin or paint a tree!

And when it gets dark over Grandić, put on a shirt or dress and compliment Grandolina’s combination, specially selected for this occasion! Together, enjoy the evening entertainment specially designed for you!

Kopaonik with
loved ones

You’ll hold hands and watch the forest landscape from above on a cable car ride, you’ll have fun hitting the target in a family archery tournament, you’ll enjoy riding horses together, indulge in the mountain sun while your little ones discover nature at the scout camp, and then everyone will relax in the outdoor pool and contents of the spa & wellness center!

Outdoor playroom and workshop

Your children will happily run around and discover the mini playroom under the clear sky and the watchful eye of our animators. Our Grandolina has dreamt up incredible workshops that will leave your little ones under a great impression – lighting a campfire, roasting marshmallows on a stick, reading stories, enjoying music and playing different instruments, making souvenirs, preparing macaroons, muffins and healthy pizza…

Children’s scout camp

By learning different skills, your children will experience nature in a completely new way, through play and socialisation. With new friends and cheerful challenges, they will master orientation, teamwork, lighting a fire, tying knots and many other unique activities, guided by a professional team with many years of experience in working with children.

See the entire offer of activities in nature

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