Listen to the poetry of nature

An unforgettable panoramic view of the untouched nature of Kopaonik hints at the perfection of a colourful day and an idyllic winter night. Connect with nature on all levels of your being and take back with you from this vacation the most valuable thing – peace and harmony of mind and body.

Botanical tour

The time for acquiring new knowledge never expires. Find out why foraging is one of the most popular activities in renowned mountain resorts. Embark on picking mountain herbs, blueberries, and forest mushrooms with an expert guide.


From the canyon, and over the hills and passes, steep goat paths lead to a small cave at an altitude of 1450 meters, which hides a sanctuary that has survived since Ottoman times.

Halfway through the beautiful trail, in a dense deciduous forest, there is a geyser several meters high, which makes this scene truly enchanting.

Jelovarnik Waterfall

Explore the undiscovered beauties of Kopaonik! About 2.5 km from Pančićev vrh, Jelovarnik, the highest waterfall in Serbia is located. It’s hidden in the forest at 1116 meters above sea level and is also known as the Waterfall of Seven Tears because seven springs flow into it. Embark on an unforgettable mountain adventure and get to know the beauties of this nature reserve in Kopaonik.

Jankove bare

Kopaonik National Park and Hotel Grand are proud to present a tour that reveals the hidden treasures of Kopaonik this summer. The exceptionality of this reserve is that it comprises bog communities – a sensitive and rare ecosystem, habitat of endemic plant species that are protected as natural rarities, but also amphibians and birds, among which the gray falcon, mouse, and mountain red-cap stand out. The area around the bog is used for the wedding flight of the forest snipe, the nesting ground of the owl duck, the mountain wagtail and the kingfisher. A proper natural adventure!

Rural households

If you thought you had seen and experienced everything, Kopaonik smiles at you, as if denying it.

On the eastern slopes of the mountain, the sleepy village of Kriva Reka preserves the spirit and tradition, original flavours and scents of this region.

Bow to the breathtaking nature and listen to stories from our hosts that are passed from generation to generation. Taste the colorful palette of specialties, like the one for which only our grandmothers still have capable hands and perfect recipes.

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