Active holidays

Indulge in our colourfully designed activities that are waiting to turn your vacation into memories full of new adventures. Our concierge will be at your service, ready to provide unique experiences tailored to your taste and style.

Quad riding and quad excursions

Adrenaline has another name – ATV Tour Kopaonik! It’s time to get to know Kopaonik in a completely new guise! An exciting and comfortable ride on Steels ATV vehicles and an opportunity to discover the magical world of the mountain await you. Let its most beautiful landscapes line up in front of you – the Pančić Peak, the Roman Mine, the Jelovarnik waterfall, Orlove stene observation point, Ravni Kopaonik landscapes, Semeteško lake. If you are drawn to adrenaline action – we invite you to get behind the wheels of a Steels ATV vehicle and visit all the spectacular sights – riding independently own off-road, or as part of an unforgettable excursion with guides.

E-bike tours

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings comfortably and with very little effort on an e-bike. Maybe you’re not as fit as you used to be? Just want to have fun? With the help of an e-bike, you can conquer the obstacles of beautiful mount Kopaonik without limits. There is no hill too steep nor trail too long for an e-bike adventure. Say “YES” to this challenge and you will come back with unforgettable impressions!

Personalized guided walking tours

Depending on your physical condition, and your desires, the Grand Concierge and your personal guide will prepare a tour that will represent exactly the right combination of the impressiveness of nature and the victory of your own abilities that you need. If you are in excellent physical condition, your hiking concierge will design an accordingly demanding tour, but if you would like to experience unusual beauty on your own, you can choose the type and size of wheels that suit you. We offer e-bikes, quads, and mountain bikes. On the route of your choice, you can find lesser-known, hidden gems as well as nature reserves with habitats with wild animals and a variety of birds.

Yoga in nature

In the soft tranquility of being with your own breaths and movements that will awaken you and please both your mind and your body, with yoga in nature, your day will start just the way it should.

Sky running and Cross fit with a personal trainer

You’re no stranger to endurance exercises and you like to challenge yourself? Our multiple sky running champion, Dušan Bazić, is ready to share with you his knowledge in overcoming every obstacle on the mountain by setting tasks that will result in immediate progress. Active athletes and fitness enthusiasts enjoy these sports that combine cardio with strength and endurance exercises.

Safari tours

Beige clothing, a cap and a rope tied around your waist will not be necessary, but the excitement that comes with the mention of the word “safari” is completely justified! An exciting Safari drive around Kopaonik will give you the opportunity to get to know its spectacular peaks, valleys, streams and rivers, as well as its incredible flora and fauna. Experience the most beautiful locations – the Pančić Peak, Nebeske Stolice, Orlove Stene, Jankove Bare and Sementeško lake in a completely different way.

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