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A place worthy of brave hedonists

Whether you are visiting Kopaonik for family or business reasons, vacation, or fun, the activities we offer within the hotel hint at the perfection of colourful days and idyllic winter nights. Get ready to spice up the full experience of adrenaline in the heart of Kopaonik with the right dose of hedonism and head to the promised mountain paradise. Let us enchant you with our grandiose skills and dedication, while you discover the secrets of wellbeing with ease.

Listen to the poetry of nature

An unforgettable panoramic view of the untouched nature of Kopaonik hints at the perfection of a colourful day and an idyllic winter night. Connect with nature on all levels of your being and take back with you from this vacation the most valuable thing – peace and harmony of mind and body.

Active holidays

The first rays of the mountain sun, fresh air and the smell of the first coffee as a prelude to an exciting and unusual day. The adventure begins with a quad bike ride to the top of Kopaonik, named after our famous biologist, Josif Pančić, and continues with an Ebike ride through the beautiful green valley of Kadijevac and mountain trails next to breathtaking conifers, to end the day with a view of an almost unreal sunset from a safari vehicle.

Personalized guided walking tours

Depending on your physical condition, and your desires, the Grand Concierge and your personal guide will prepare a tour that will represent exactly the right combination of the impressiveness of nature and the victory of your own abilities that you need. If you are in excellent physical condition, your hiking concierge will design an accordingly demanding tour, but if you would like to experience unusual beauty on your own, you can choose the type and size of wheels that suit you. We offer e-bikes, quads, and mountain bikes. On the route of your choice, you can find lesser-known, hidden gems as well as nature reserves with habitats with wild animals and a variety of birds.

Foraging - picking mushrooms, herbs, and Blueberries with lunch in nature

Have you always wondered when is the mushroom picking season, which species are edible, and which ones should be avoided? Where you can find blueberries and wild strawberries on your walks? This summer is the right time to get to know the flora of Kopaonik and to go in search of porcini mushrooms, aromatic and medicinal plants and seasonal fruits accompanied by an experienced guide. And just when your appetite is awakened, a lunch inspired by the unique nature and its rich gifts will await you!

Grand sunset

Situated in a special location that is ideal for greeting a wonderful and fulfilling day, relaxed in a lazy bag with a glass of wine and a snack, you will watch the sunset with soft music and in good company. You will arrive to witness this impressive sunset by ATVs or safari vehicles, ensuring that every inch of this evening is perfect.

Vacation with children

It’s time for a relaxing family vacation and memorable summer adventures! A unique synergy of exciting outdoor activities and moments of pure relaxation will clear your mind and renew your energy with the power of nature and luxurious amenities. While your little ones spend active moments in nature and have fun with the animators, you will feel the invigorating effect of Kopaonik through the air, smells, tastes, variety of contents and the atmosphere of luxury hotels. Step into your world of enjoyment!


Our Grand Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day. They will explore the best-kept beauties of Kopaonik for you, organize your special moments, bring a smile to your face and be at your disposal whenever you need them.

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Are you in the mood for a specially designed activity or adventure to remember? Whatever your vision is, we are here to turn it into future memories. Our Grand Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day.