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Congress center

In the exclusive ambience of the most famous mountain destination, your company has the opportunity to strengthen the team spirit of employees who will return to work full of enthusiasm for new work victories through a flawless stay and organized activities. The dedication of our staff, the professionalism and quality of Grand service, as well as the nurture of warm, human relationships based on empathy and understanding make business meetings at Grand completely unique. The Grand Hotel Congress Center is a state-of-the-art venue for congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, team building, corporate events and similar events. Five congress and conference halls have excellent conditions for holding various gatherings and are equipped with complete audio and video equipment.
Size (m²) Lenght (m) Width (m) Minimum height (m) Maximum height (m) Theater "U" shape Classroom Round table Banquet Koktel Exhibit space Day light
Josif Pančić congress hall 344 30 11,5 3 4,7 550 140 220 130 180 400 X
Josif Pančić A congress hall 160 14 11,5 5 4,7 220 45 100 60 80 150 X X
Josif Pančić B congress hall 183 16 11,5 3 3,4 220 50 120 70 100 250 X X
Conference hall Kopaonik 170 17 10 3 2,7 170 60 100 60 60 300 X X
Sunčani vrhovi conference hall 70 10 5 3 2,6 X 25 X X X X X X
Multifunctional Hall Grand 875 35 35 9 8,7 800 120 100 350 500 1000

Size (m²) 344
Lenght (m) 30
Width (m) 11,56
Minimum height (m) 3
Maximum height (m) 4,7
Theater 550
“U” shape 140
Classroom 220
Round table 130
Banquet 180
Koktel  400
Exhibit space
Day light X

Size (m²) 160
Lenght (m) 14
Width (m) 11,5
Minimum height (m) 5
Maximum height (m) 4,7
Theater 220
“U” shape 45
Classroom 100
Round table 60
Banquet 80
Koktel  150
Exhibit space X
Day light X

Size (m²) 183
Lenght (m) 16
Width (m) 11,5
Minimum height (m) 3
Maximum height (m) 3,4
Theater 220
“U” shape 50
Classroom 120
Round table 70
Banquet 100
Koktel  250
Exhibit space X
Day light X

Size (m²) 170
Lenght (m) 17
Width (m) 10
Minimum height (m) 3
Maximum height (m) 2,7
Theater 170
“U” shape 60
Classroom 100
Round table 60
Banquet 60
Koktel 300
Exhibit space X
Day light X

Size (m²) 50
Lenght (m) 10
Width (m) 5
Minimum height (m) 3
Maximum height (m) 2,6
Theater X
“U” shape 25
Classroom X
Round table X
Koktel X
Exhibit space X
Day light X

Size (m²) 875
Lenght (m) 35
Width (m) 25
Minimum height (m) 9
Maximum height (m) 8,7
Theater 800
“U” shape 120
Classroom 100
Round table 350
Banquet 500
Koktel 1000
Exhibit space
Day light

The Karaman
Conference hall

The Karaman conference hall is located next to Kopaonik hall and has a capacity of up to 60 participants. The cinema setting provides excellent conditions for business workshops, press conferences, parallel sessions, board meetings and smaller events.

Josif Pančić
Congress hall

The term “state-of-the-art congress venue in Kopaonik” has an unequivocal association: the Josif Pančić congress hall. It’s a superbly equipped venue, the only of its kind in Kopaonik, with a capacity of up to 550 seats, which makes it ideal for larger events and ceremonies. The hall has partition walls, which allows the formation of two smaller spatial units with 250 seats each. In addition, the hall provides excellent conditions for organizing congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, team building events, corporate ceremonies and similar events, as well as the possibility of exhibiting cars indoors.

Multifunctional Hall

The Grand Hall credibly justifies its name. The connection with the Kopaonik and Karaman conference halls through a joint corridor enables the creation of a comprehensive whole and as such provides the possibility of adaptation to different purposes such as sports facilities, conference, exhibition or celebration venues.

Conference hall

The Kopaonik hall is one of the largest conference venues, spatially connected with an a la carte restaurant and glazed terrace, providing the possibility of enjoying breaks between the panels. A measured combination of superb snacks or warm, creamy coffee overlooking the mountain slopes of Kopaonik? The choice is yours.

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